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Jubi is a change experience platform that empowers leaders to listen and lead measurable transformation for any group and any scale.
Employee Onboarding
Employee Onboarding

The Change Challenge

of change management initiatives will fail.
Employee Perspective
Program Adoption
Behavior Change
Measurable Data

How it works

Our Suite of Engagement Solutions will help get a true understanding of how your organization is really thinking in order to develop engaging experiences that create true transformation.


With our full integration with onQ listening technology, you can transform your content into a listening engagement that empowers you listen to your employees voice and feedback.

Embed Anywhere

The onQ video player can be embedded anywhere with videos hosted on our servers or YouTube and Vimeo.

Chat-style Discussions

Allow for chat-style discussions that correspond with the video and record as if viewing for the first time.

Timed Poll Questions

Have a question for the audience? Pause the video at specified times and ask a poll question before they can move forward.

Emotional Analytics

See what your audience really thinks of the topic with emotional reactions, questions and engagement stats.

Transformation Journey

Our change experience platform uses our proven learn, do, inspire methodology to create a journey that will actually improve performance outcomes.

Guided Quests

Create a step-by-step micro-learning quest that uses our proven Learn, Do, Inspire method to encourage retention and behavior change,

Use Any Content

Throughout the journey, communicate your ideas through video, photos, slideshows and more.

Quiz Variations

Use different kinds of quiz types like matching, multiple choice, open question and more to check retention.

Contextual Activities

Create corresponding activities that puts what you've learned into practice.

Assignment Uploads

Allow users to upload their own content as part of their activity assignment.

Authoring Suite

Use Jubi's best-in-class authoring suite to easily create your own quest experiences.

Group Engagement

With our full integration with onQ video listening technology, you can transform your content into a listening engagement that can exist anywhere you want it.

Leaderboard + Points

For every step that is completed, encourage friendly competition through gamified points and leaderboards.

Discussion Boards

Have meaningful discussions about every step of the quest. Have group and individual coaching conversations.

The Network

At anytime, users can see who is taking the program with them. They can even add them as a buddy.

Learning Buddy

At anytime, users can see which one of there peers in participating and add them as a buddy.


Coaches can be assigned and asked questions along the way for leadership and encouragement.

Outcome Insights

Measure the transformation through our proprietary A.I. driven scoring technology that shows you how they are participating, thinking and changing.

Engagement Score

Measure how engaged your employees are with your content by presence, frequency and activity.

Mood Score

Measure how your users are feeling through reactions and comments to a topic.

Influence Score

Which users are influencing the conversation through advocacy, authority and impact.

Facilitator Score

Measure how effective facilitators are through moderation, preparation and responsiveness.

Journey Progess

See where your organization is in their transformation journey by group or by user.

Poll Results

For every step that is completed, encourage friendly competition through gamified points and leaderboards.

Active Screen

See if the screen is active during a session to measure real engagement.

Drill Down Per User

Measure the entire group or by individual user engagement.

Program Design

If you are considering a Jubi solution to drive your transformational program, but don't have the resources to plan and design within the platform, our instructional designers and media team can do it for you.

KPI-Based Strategy

Have our change management and learning development experts craft a custom strategy for you based on the performance outcomes you are looking for.

Media Creation

Let our team of instructional designers create an Interactive digital experience with engaging video, questions, design and more that will hold attention and transfer information effectively.

Quest Building

After your strategy and media is created, let our team of JubiQ experts enter all of the content and functionality for you. All you have to do is make sure it is what you want.


Now that you have a fully functioning transformation journey, let our team help you deploy it across your entire organization. We will also be on-call for any questions or issues.

Finally achieve the Transformation You're after.

Who is this for?

Jubi is for passionate leaders who know radical transformation takes a radical new approach.
Digital Transformation
Change Management
Diversity and Inclusion
Mergers and Acquisitions
Employee Onboarding

What is Jubi?

Some define insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  In business, improving performance may require you to change values, attitudes, and behaviors on a company-wide scale, and this is most easily accomplished with the right learning tools.

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But is Jubi Right for Me?

We don’t know. Try answering these questions.
Am I trying to make a large change in my organization?
Am I interested in what my organization thinks and how they feel about a topic?
Is there some sort of culture change that must take place?
Am I concerned about adoption and pushback?
Am I looking for an innovative way to engage and educate?
Am I looking for actual behavior change?


Am I looking for a simple LMS to deliver content?
Is it simply important that participants check a box?
Transformation makes me nervous.
Maybe Not
Its all training events for me!
Maybe Not

But Maybe We Should Talk Anyway

Imagine the transformation you could make.
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