Transform Your Learning Content into a Performance Journey

Micro-learning platform that delivers sustained workplace performance.
micro-learning - Jimmy Parker

“We are driving an extraordinary amount of reflective activity, thinking deeply and getting inside leader’s heads.”

Jimmy Parker  |  Senior Manager of Executive Development  |  Home Depot

Jubi is a micro-learning platform that delivers improved performance outcomes.

Unlike current learning tools that merely push content with no application, Jubi is a modern micro-learning platform that drives large-scale behavior change and performance outcomes using its proprietary “learn, do, inspire” architecture.  Jubi manages all the factors required to drive learning impact by creating a seamless integration of methods and technologies.  Jubi is “content agnostic” and can accommodate a client’s internal content, as well as host pre-loaded programs from top-tier subject matter experts.

The Performance Journey

We help map your employee experience over time using our unique Learn.Do.Inspire performance model.


We determine the critical needs for new or changed understanding to shape mindsets and prepare for action.


We then define on-the-job application activities that convert understanding into action.


We supercharge engagement by constructing high value interactions that deliver accountability and support.


We help you build and deploy your journey enabling you to easily track progress, capture employee data and insights, and ensure your outcomes are achieved.

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For years I have watched teams engage in events and content without a noticeable change in behavior. That is why I integrated a path and platform that uses the real drivers of behavior change to achieve sustained performance.

Larry Mohl | Co-Founder & CEO

Terry Barber - Modern Learning Behavioral Modal for Employee Engagement Platform

As a professional trainer, author, and speaker, it was always fulfilling to see and feel the energy of those events.  However, it was also incredibly disappointing to realize that post the event, it was next to impossible for clients to sustain that energy and worst, to actually put what was taught into on-the-job application.

Terry Barber | Co-Founder

Create sustainable change now. Your mission could be at stake.

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