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Jubi, Inc., is a leading innovator of digital learning whose enterprise software increases an organization’s productivity by improving its employees’ skills and workplace performance.  The Company’s cloud-based platform revolutionizes the effectiveness of content delivery by accelerating knowledge acquisition and application, and enhancing the overall digital learning process.  Jubi transforms learning from an event to a process that motivates individuals and galvanizes corporations to attain higher levels of skill, achievement, and productivity.  Through its proprietary platform, the Company (i) transforms any subject matter (e.g., leadership, sales, etc.) into a highly engaging learning experience; (ii) allows an organization to validate and measure its adoption among its employees and; (iii) provides a rich bed of analytics for continuous optimization.


  • Larry Mohl
    Larry Mohl Founder & CEO

    Former Chief Learning Officer for Motorola Cellular, The American Express Company, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  Larry has developed innovative approaches to leadership development, knowledge communities, and integrated talent management.  He has been a pioneer in the use of digital learning technologies and is a domain expert and thought-leader in corporate learning and performance improvement.

  • Terry Barber
    Terry Barber Founder & Executive Chairman

    An award-winning content producer, author and well-known publisher of content and the architect of the Forbes Most Inspiring Companies list. Author of multiple books such as The Inspiration Factor and Kulture Klash. Formerly served as Senior Strategist and V.P. of Healthcare for the Grizzard Communications Group, an Omnicom Company.


  • Hal Lanier
    Hal Lanier Customer Success Manager
  • Jane Gentry
    Jane Gentry New Business
  • Josh Webb
    Josh Webb Marketing Manager
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