The best way to enhance corporate training is with a social learning platform. Collaboration is so important for businesses in the current day and age. If training is an isolated event, employees will struggle to achieve their goals as effectively. The ability to interact with others fosters learning and creates a positive team culture. With that in mind, read on to discover the qualities you should be looking out for when investing in corporate training software.

  • Profile creation – The ability to create a profile is of paramount importance, especially in large corporations whereby it is difficult to get to know everyone. Profiles contain basic information about a user, including their photograph, making it easier for workers to establish connections with others via the corporate training software they are using.
  • Motivational aspects – It is advisable to look for employee engagement software that encourages the sharing and incorporation of inspirational and motivational aspects. This can include stories from others, which will help boost morale and make your employees feel more enthusiastic and motivated to achieve their training goals.
  • Leader boards – A leader board is a great way to encourage employees to be more invested in their training modules. Employee recognition is so important because it boosts productivity while also enhancing retention rates and creating a positive team environment. Your employees should get points for every training section or task they complete.
  • Collaboration – Last but not least, there needs to be features that encourage collaboration between different employees. For example, workers may have the ability to align with a training partner so that they can help each other and learn together. Employees should also be able to ask questions and share files and anything they deem to be of use to others.

If you find a social learning platform with the qualities mentioned above, you know you are onto a winner.

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