Better Work Habits
That Last.

Jubi is a learning transfer platform that delivers improved performance outcomes.

Unlike current learning tools that merely push content with no application, Jubi is a modern Learning Transfer Platform (LTP) that drives large-scale behavior change and performance outcomes using its proprietary “learn, do, inspire” architecture.  Jubi manages all the factors required to drive learning impact by creating a seamless integration of methods and technologies.  Jubi is “content agnostic” and can accommodate a client’s internal content, as well as host pre-loaded programs from top-tier subject matter experts.

Customers use Jubi to address important business challenges

Leadership Development
improve succession, employee engagement, and business performance through the use of leadership and management development journeys.
New Employee Onboarding
Decrease new employee time to productivity through a process that instills company values, builds relationships, and delivers key knowledge.
Patient Compliance
Reduce hospital readmissions by equipping your patients with the knowledge, support, and accountability they need to manage their care.
Sales Force Effectiveness
Increase revenue by accelerating the deployment, sharing, and adoption of best practice sales methods.
Change Adoption
Capture the value of transformation efforts by deploying campaigns that drive workplace adoption of desired mindsets and behaviors.
Customer Experience
Increase customer metrics by improving employee behaviors that impact the customer experience.

Allconnect cut its new agent time to revenue by 20% with Jubi.

Allconnect engaged with Jubi to fundamentally redesign its new agent on-boarding process using the Jubi Learn, Do, Inspire methodology.  By streamlining content, deploying both product knowledge and selling skills, and moving to performance demonstration and coaching vs. just passing tests, Allconnect was able to:

  • Cut new agent time to revenue by 20%
  • Increase new agent revenue per call by 17%
  • Reduce new agent annual training costs by 20%

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