Servant Leadership Journey

Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership Journey Online™ is an online learning experience which allows individuals to progress in the servant leadership learning path at their own pace. The course is built on Jubi’s* robust learning platform and engages participants to learn, practice and reflect on the purpose and principles of servant leadership. Topics include: self-awareness, empathy, foresight, listening, feedback, coaching, and persuasion. Through the journey, students are encouraged to reflect on how their behavior enables the growth of those they serve. Badges are earned as the participant’s progress. The Greenleaf Center awards those who complete the course with a Certificate of Achievement and a 50% discount on a year’s membership in the Greenleaf Center.

What you will learn


Each of us is the instrument through which we lead. If we want to be effective servant-leaders, we need to be aware of who we are and how we impact others.


By listening, servant-leaders are able to identify the needs of their colleagues and customers. That puts them in a good position to meet those needs. When they do, their organizations are successful.



The traditional hierarchy—the pyramid—makes it hard to listen well. People may look up at their bosses and not out at their customers.


Developing colleagues includes education, training, new experiences, new responsibilities, and new jobs. Individual development plans can be used to make sure that each employee’s development is supported and accomplished.


A good way to develop people is through coaching and mentoring. Every organization needs rules and regulations, but you don’t bring out the best in people by focusing on control. You bring out the best in people by engaging, inspiring, coaching, and mentoring them.


Once people are developed and coached, they can be unleashed to make their fullest contribution to the organization.


If you aren’t exercising foresight, you really aren’t leading, you are just reacting. And if you are just reacting, you may run out of options, and start making bad decisions—including unethical ones. A failure of foresight can put an organization in a bad situation that might have been avoided.

Your Instructor

PAT FALOTICO   |   CEO at Greenleaf Servant Leadership

Pat provides valuable training, keynotes, organizational development, and consultation services to students, leaders, and organizations across the nation and skillfully guides the Greenleaf Center as the original resource and think tank for servant leadership.  This former IBM executive holds a BS in Math and Computer Science from Manhattan College and brings over 31 years of experience in management, business development, team cultivation, relationship building, and corporate citizenship to the Greenleaf Center.  She currently serves as the Community Engagement Chair of the United Way of Greater Atlanta and is an active alumna, past board member, and member of the class of 2007 of Leadership Atlanta.

What People Think

  • The JUBI platform has helped ALG achieve extraordinary results with our clients, transforming our Leadership programs into a gamified, micro-learning experience.

    Laura Soscia
    Laura Soscia Principal | Accelerated Leadership Group
  • We used to have binders of content. Now all of our content is digitized and gamified. Jubi is truly an adaptive learning environment that is getting some huge gains right now.

    Robert Kocerha
    Robert Kocerha EVP - Sales and Service Operations, AllConnect

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