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The Engagement Journey Challenge

Only 30 spots are available per AAMC member

Enrollment deadline of July 23rd

2018/07/23 16:42:37

Here is an opportunity to have your team leaders experience The Engagement Journey by joining other AAMC members participating in a unique program designed to equip leaders on how to effectively develop an engaged, high performing team.


There is no need to schedule time away from work to participate. We are using a next-generation leader-activation platform known as Jubi that combines micro learning, practical application, and peer coaching – all within a highly transparent environment.

10 Modules

Over a 12 week period from August 6th through October 29th, each participant will be provided access to 10 modules from The Engagement Journey. This experience will allow them to immerse themselves in action-learning and focus on leadership topics that are proven Key Drivers of Engagement within healthcare.

1. Are You Ready?

Not all teams are ready to just jump right in and begin the improvement process. Some need to explore a few principles that will help their leader and their team become more equipped to be successful in their improvement efforts. This is where to start.

2. Creating Positive Teaming:
  • A workplace that is trusting, open and fun will be the most productive and successful.
  • Begin an introduction to the importance of appreciating individual differences, achieving role clarity and leaving your ego at the door to be a more effective leader.
3. Respect & Communication
Respect & Communication
  • A good leader is one who has earned the respect of their team, treats others with respect, communicates well, and listens to their team members.
  • Study the traits of highly effective leaders to learn how they positively impact their teams by focusing on respect and communication.
4. Involving and Empowering
  • Team members want to know that their input matters and that they are making a meaningful difference toward the success of the organization.
  • Learn to stop micromanaging and start empowering your team to discover their full potential.
5. Building Trust
  • Does your team trust you enough to go on a journey with you? Will they follow your lead?
  • Discover how to build trust – trust in you as a leader, trust among your team members, and trust in the organization.
6. Individual Differences
Individual Differences
  • Do you know the individual strengths, personalities, triggers, and learning styles of your team members?Once you do, it can be a game changer.
  • Learn how to stop playing Checkers and start to play Chess as it relates to applying your team’s unique skills and abilities on the job.
7. Inspiring and Motivating Others
Inspiring and Motivating Others
  • Inspiring leaders are more than just leaders with great charisma. If you think the gift of inspiration is something you have to be born with, think again.
  • Learn about six approaches that can help you lead in a more inspiring way without necessarily being the most “enthusiastic” leader.
8. Valuing Recognition
Valuing Recognition
  • Recognition is a very important motivator for employees. It encourages positive behavior and helps promote long-term top performance.
  • Learn to develop a recognition mentality and explore formal and informal methods for recognizing others.
9. Embracing Employee Career Development

Your role as a leader is to support, inspire, and coach your employees to their highest levels of performance.  An integral part of this is supporting their growth and helping them appreciate the need to take ownership of their own career development.

10. Resilience and Positivity
Resilience and Positivity
  • With so much stress potential in the workplace, it’s important to build personal resilience capabilities.
  • Learn about how operating from a positive vantage point increases engagement, creativity, motivation, energy, resilience and productivity at work.
Brian Noble

Your Instructor

BRIAN NOBLE | Founder, Engage Consulting, LLC

Brian has over 25 years of external consulting and internal Human Resource experience working with C-suite and senior business leaders to achieve targeted business outcomes through people-oriented solutions. He has held leadership positions focused on engagement at the following organizations: Deloitte, Morehead Associates, Press Ganey, and Korn Ferry.


Brian is an expert in the area of employee engagement. He partners with organizations on overall engagement strategy as well as translating employee engagement data –regardless of vendor – into meaningful and impactful organizational and people strategies that produce value-driven outcomes.

What People Think

  • The JUBI platform has helped ALG achieve extraordinary results with our clients, transforming our Leadership programs into a gamified, micro-learning experience.

    Laura Soscia
    Laura Soscia Principal | Accelerated Leadership Group
  • We used to have binders of content. Now all of our content is digitized and gamified. Jubi is truly an adaptive learning environment that is getting some huge gains right now.

    Robert Kocerha
    Robert Kocerha EVP - Sales and Service Operations, AllConnect

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