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New Employees Learn Faster by Doing

New employee onboarding can take one to two years to become fully productive – Training Industry Quarterly. Typically, employees spend those first two years building relationships, understanding the culture, learning the company’s products and services, and finding their way around. What they don’t know lessens productivity and may impair customer services, reduce sales, increase injury rates, and constrain the company’s bottom line.

Training that blends learning with doing speeds the onboarding process so they can contribute sooner and more fully. A formal, organized training program for new hires helps them quickly gain the knowledge, tools, and contacts they need to become productive as soon as possible.

Jubi is a learning transfer platform that uses micro-learning, application tasks and social engagement or (Learn, Do, Inspire) to not only teach but actually change behavior.

Learn how Jubi can speed up your employee onboarding.

New employees need one to two years to become fully productive

Allconnect cut its new agent time to revenue by 20% with Jubi.

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Jubi is a learning transfer platform that delivers improved performance outcomes.

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