Change Adoption

Get Employee Buy-in for Real Transformation

Change Adoption – “The way it’s always been done” is no longer good enough. Transforming the workplace isn’t easy. People dislike change, so convincing them to adopt new behaviors and methods is challenging. Yet, to maximize the value of any transformation, everyone must be on board. Achieving that takes more than a training class.

For widespread adoption of any change, employees throughout the organizations need to understand the changes they’re being asked to make. They need to know how those changes affect their daily tasks in concrete terms, be willing and able to adopt those changes, and then have the incentive to practice those changes so they become personally meaningful. A comprehensive program supporting those changes helps employees make the transition effectively.

Learn how Jubi can help your change adoption efforts, throughout your organization

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Jubi Change Adoption Benefits

The Approach

Jubi optimizes the learning environment with its Learn (media content), Do (Application tasks), Inspire (Social engagement) behavioral model.

Shared Knowledge

Behavior Model


Subject Matter Expert Exchange

Learning as a journey

Measured Performance Outcomes

Jubi Learning Transfer Platform - Quest Board

Jubi is a learning transfer platform that delivers improved performance outcomes.

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