The Secret to Workplace Culture Change

Workplace culture change is something we’re all chasing. As leaders, managers, team members, and executives alike, we all agree that we want to create healthy and thriving work environments. Then why is it so hard? Why is there such a gap in workplace culture change?

Our friends at BrandCulture seem to have discovered that secret. While many believe that branding and the culture of an organization are separate issues altogether, BrandCulture believes differently — and we’re believers in the secret too.

Think about this for a minute: How would you define culture in today’s world without certain branding? When most people visit an Apple store, you instantly picture Steve Jobs voice in his trademark turtleneck guiding you through the store whispering in your ear to “think different.” Imagine a Facebook or Google culture world without its legendary bay open office culture and space, plush couches, and pristine 24-hour gyms for all of its employees to explore and expound their creativity. But there is no one size fits all approach to use for every company, some companies like Southwest Airlines not only provide tangible monetary incentives but connect each employee personally to its mission and maybe that’s why their workers have never missed a day in the skies!

But how exactly do you get culture and brand to date each other and fuse together as one working unit? We asked this question of our friends at BrandCulture.

BrandCulture developed six building blocks for foundational workplace culture change in an organization:

Rewards & Recognition
Structure & Process

Creating Workplace Culture Change in Your Organization

Before you can implement these processes, you may first have everyone unite and work around a shared purpose and/or a shared vision for lasting culture change that goes beyond just the stated words in your mission statement. Your team needs to be anchored and committed around a singular idea of which the shared purpose complements and augments organically what is already there within your organization or team structure.

But, what if your leadership resembles a mess at your organization? Most CEO’s and upper management do not have the pulse of the everyday happenings of its employees and cannot reach down the ranks to know and connect with everyone on a more personal level. It’s vital that you slowly infuse the culture you want to create like a seeping tea into your organization by making sure you are incorporating a shared purpose which becomes a responsibility for all to fulfill from the top down.

Quite possibly the most important part of creating workplace culture change is identifying the problems around why your organizational culture and branding are not working in harmony. If it’s broken, then you can fix it by taking an honest assessment.

Maybe your leadership is not developing and mentoring new leaders by example.

Could it be that your company rewards program has turned stale to your aspiring employees?

Maybe you can provide new and creative incentives so that those who are innovative or perform exceptionally are rewarded on a quarterly or yearly basis.

Sometimes it can be communication styles that are just mismatched between workers and your leadership.

You must communicate clearly and with congruency with both your internal employees and your external stakeholders: your customers.

So how do you make sure that the marriage of culture and branding stays healthy and in place for the long haul?

You must have strong leadership that is able to be adaptive, flexible, and one that is constantly planning a strategy to stay ahead. 

Great branding and culture don’t happen one time. They are both an ever-changing, ever-evolving process. They both must be well defined and they have to work in harmony to make create meaningful workplace culture change.

Once your brand and culture are defined and working in harmony, it’s time to implement and scale a process that can continue to create the transformation in your organization that you want to achieve. We would love to chat with you about that process. Schedule a free demo any time!

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