5 Ways to Increase Adoption & Kill Pushback | Change Management Initiatives

That phrase, “We do it like this because this is the way it’s always been done,” is one of the most dangerous phrases in our language. No matter what aspect of life one is in; education, family, or business, change is a given and is incredibly important. Everything, including business and consumers, is constantly evolving and progressing. That means that it is essential that organizations learn to roll with the punches, implement change management initiatives, and adopt new ideas.
One of the most difficult parts of adopting changes is that team members tend to push back against the changes. They are comfortable with things as they are and don’t want to go through the trouble of learning new things and evolving processes and ideas.
Yet, without the team backing you and the organization up, there can be no successful adoption.

5 Ways to Increase Adoption in Your Organization and Kill Pushback in Change Management Initiatives


Use relational connection in order to develop buy-in.

If you want your employees to stand behind the changes taking place in your business, you need to ensure that they feel a connection and loyalty to you and the organization. Without connection, they will not develop a responsibility to care for the best outcome of the business. If they don’t care about the best outcome, then they won’t care about changes.
People will only want to go through the hard work of adoption and implementation if they feel loyalty to the company that they work for. Essentially, that is why you must develop buy-in amongst your employees. They need to feel connected to the business and have a desire for the business’ success. When that connection is in place, changes may still be difficult, but they are a difficulty that employees are willing, and even happy, to face.

Be available for your team through the beginning and implementation of change management initiatives.

Ensure that your team members fully understand the changes that are going to take place, as well as why they are taking place. Let them know that they can ask you any questions or share their concerns with you.
Change is hard, whether at the beginning stages, or throughout the implementation phase. Be your team’s number one support through it all. Let them know you’re there and will provide what they need to make these changes happen as painlessly as possible.
Also, make sure that they have all relevant learning materials available whenever needed. A digital learning platform can be the perfect way to do this.

Ensure clear communication.

There needs to be clear communication among all members of the team and management in order to have a seamless transition into new policies, procedures, and techniques. In fact, failing to communicate clearly can actually increase employee misconduct in the adoption process by 42%.
Keep employees informed every step of the way. Provide opportunities for them to be involved, share their ideas, and help in the change process. Clear communication is a huge part of ensuring buy-in and loyalty from employees.

Implement change in phases.

Take small bites and don’t do everything at once. Attempting implementation of all changes at once time leads to overwhelm, frustration, and burn-out. Instead, break changes up into phases. Creating a phased plan actually provides an opportunity for team members to be involved in the planning process.
It’s a good idea to follow three phases in change implementation; the preparation phase, the execution phase, and the reinforcement phase. Every large change that you are making should go through the three phases, each on their own timeline.

Ask for feedback during all phases of the change management initiatives.

Gaining feedback throughout the process is essential. It gives you insight into how the changes are being received, how the implementation is working, and if employees are continuing to have buy-in or if they’re becoming disillusioned.
Having this feedback allows you to evolve the plan when necessary in order to get it on track and make it successful. When you have insight into the thoughts of your employees, you will be able to adjust things in order to keep them focused and onboard.
Creating true and lasting transformation at scale isn’t easy on your own, but with the right tools, you can increase adoption and kill any pushback that comes your way. Learn more about how we help organizations do this every day!
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