Are You Tuned in to Your Employees? | Creating Employee Engagement

Lack of employee engagement is one of the biggest hindrances to productivity and success in the workplace.

In fact, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work.

It has become a never-ending battle for employers; how in the world can you increase employee engagement, therefore increasing employee success and loyalty?

Signs of Engaged Employees

Employees who are engaged tend to set themselves apart from employees who are not in a number of ways. Engaged employees are the ones who go the extra mile in their work, who develop and demonstrate loyalty to their company, and work with passion, integrity, and are proud of the work that they do.

Those who are engaged are more productive and their work tends to be top-notch. They shine above their unengaged co-workers and go above and beyond in all they do.

Ensuring that more employees are engaged is an imperative task in order to increase productivity, decrease the employee turnover rate, and build a strong team that is fulfilling company goals and exceeding expectations.

How to Increase Employee Engagement

There are a number of things that you can do in your business in order to increase employee engagement.

Use inspirational leadership in order to inspire employees.

When people are inspired, they are more creative, hard-working, engaged, and optimistic. Ensure that the leaders in your business give each employee a voice, encourage employees to speak and share their ideas, and motivate them to excel. Essentially, your leaders can give employees a reason to grow and progress.

Survey your employees and listen to them.

People want to be heard, they want to feel that their voices matter. Allow employees to voice their opinions and show them that you care by taking action and making changes based on what they say. This shows integrity on the part of the leadership, which leads to increased loyalty and engagement.

Make sure you have the best management in place. Great managers care about their employees. They go out of their way to engage with them and to demonstrate the concept of servant leadership. Great managers really do practice what they preach, and in turn they show their employees that they can be trusted, they’re honest, and they should be listened to. The best management teams can turn employee engagement around because employees develop loyalty to their managers, which transfers to their company.

Create specific goals for engagement.

One of the most important aspects of increasing engagement is to make engagement meaningful to the employees with specific goals to reach for. They need to understand what they are working towards and they need to know why. Employees will work much harder and care much more deeply if they understand how their efforts will benefit them. Ensure that managers set specific engagement goals for employees and discuss these goals with them regularly. When people have something to reach for and they know why they’re reaching for it, they tend to do a great job.

It’s hard for a company to succeed without employees who are devoted to the message and mission. That is why it is imperative to take the time and effort to focus on increasing employee engagement. When the employees are working hard for the business, the business is sure to flourish.

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