Look at Talent Development Differently | A Continuous Learning Approach

If you’re in the L&D world, you’ve probably heard it all when it comes to Talent Development…

“What your talent development program is missing!”

“5 Steps to Improved Talent Development…”

“The Secret to Talent Development…”

So on and so forth – we get it! We’ve heard it all too, but that’s also why we’re always challenging ourselves to look at Talent Development differently, with fresh eyes and perspective. Lately, that has looked like a lot of self-reflection, both on our past experiences and how we can bring those into a more modern age, as well as looking at principals like Continuous Improvement to challenge our own Talent Development perspectives.

So – what would it look like if we challenged what we already know about Talent Development? We’re not suggesting to wipe the slate clean, but what if you could look at it in a whole new way? And – what if that whole new way could bring constant improvement and increased performance to your organization and team? Would you want to know about it?

We decided to do just that – challenge our own views of  TD to see what we could come up with. We found a ton of value in this exercise by simply viewing TD through another lens we already understood as well – Continuous Improvement.

So, what did we find with this fresh perspective? Or to put it another way, what does TD look like through a lense of CI?

We found a few things:

  • Greater feedback is not only required but benefits every learner or team member and ultimately the organization.
  • We no longer just have information, but actions steps we could easily take from that information at any given time.
  • It enables the team or group to learn more from each other.
  • More accountability is created and expectations can be set correctly.

These are just a few things we learned from challenging our own views of TD and we believe this approach could transform a lot of organizations. That’s why we’ve put together an entire webinar talking about this idea. We’ll go into greater depth and give a lot of practical tips and tricks on how to make this work for your organization. Claim your spot here.

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