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As an L&D pro, it’s your job to create training programs that yield results, develop talent, and continuously try to improve your organization through learning and professional development. In the midst of trying to train and develop everyone else, are you able to build in time and space to actually develop professionally, for yourself? Do you invest time or effort into L&D professional development or are you just too bogged down with everyone else’s?

As crucial as development is for our teams, it is equally crucial that we invest in ourselves professionally. But – we know that everyone is stretched thin, booked to the max and have only a handful of hours a month to actually make this happen. That’s why we’re such a big fan of webinars – both listening in ourselves to learn and grow as well as hosting them to help other L&D pros get better and succeed.

There are a lot of great avenues that exist for professional development and a ton of mediums that you can go to – conferences, podcasts, books, articles, and social media to name a few – but today, we want to give you our top reasons why you should carve out a little time each month to take in a webinar. For us, taking the time to regularly listen in to webinars has changed the way we think about training, how we run our organization and even the content we choose to produce.


Top Reasons to Sign Up for Webinars Regularly:


While conferences and in-person keynotes can be great, they aren’t always practical. Being able to stream a live or even pre-recorded talk makes working on professional development so much easier! TIP: As you look at the month ahead, go ahead and plan when you might take in a webinar and carve out that time on your calendar now, so you’re not tempted to fill it with other things.


Take advantage of the comment or note section of the webinars you attend. This has the potential to be a great networking opportunity. You never know who you might meet! TIP: Try and connect with 1-2 different people and go follow them on LinkedIn so you can continue the conversation later.


Webinars are an easy way to stay connected to your industry and learn the latest tips, tricks, and trends. By learning from other pros out there, you can learn what did or did not work for them, what other organizations are trying and what trends you should be paying attention to. TIP: Have a Google doc open to jot down quick notes and even share it with your team later.


Speaking of webinars… we have one coming up very soon! Our co-founder, Larry Mohl, will be chatting about looking at Talent Development through the lens of Continuous Improvement. It’s a new and fresh way to think about the way we are developing our team members and we’d love to have you be a part! Claim your spot here.

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