Combining Continuous Improvement and Talent Development

You may know both of these terms — continuous improvement and talent development. But, have you only considered them individually? Have you thought about what would happen if these two ideas were combined? We believe, that combining these two approaches could make your organization unstoppable!

First things first, let’s go back to the basics and refresh on what each of these terms means. They can both be buzz phrases in the L&D industry at times, so let’s consider what continuous improvement and talent development really are.

Talent Development: The truth about talent development, is it’s not just developing talent in someone, it is actually developing a person, an employee, a team member. When thinking about talent development, we should look at the whole picture or really — the whole person. That’s what TD is really all about.

Continuous Improvement: Simply put CI is constantly check through your processes and current structures to see where improvements can be made. No process, plan or structure is perfect – there is always room for improvement. CI embodies this idea, but takes it a step further and actually requires a plan and action to make sure this happens.

When you look at the definitions side by side, it seems like a no-brainer that you would want to combine these ideas. Developing talent into the best version possible and checking through the process to see where it can be improved on a consistent basis.

While this all seems so simple, it’s a little more complex in action. That’s why we put together a special webinar just to discuss how you can combine continuous improvement and talent development for your organization!

It will help you:

Consider a perspective of CI and talent development landscapes.

Discover key principles and practices of CI.

Learn ways in which CI can enhance talent development.

Explore future trends in Talent Development through the lens of CI.

Take-away practical ideas to apply CI to your talent development initiatives.

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