Creating More Effective Employees Through Inspirational Leadership

As an L&D pro, your biggest job is creating stronger and more effective employees through learning and development. But we believe there is an “X factor” when it comes to creating these kinds of team members. It’s inspirational leadership!

Your learning program can be effective, your training exciting, and your development programs can be engaging, but at the end of the day, if inspirational leadership is absent, all of this could go to waste.

The goal of inspiration is the same as your L&D goal – to create stronger, more effective employees. The Harvard Business Review actually reports that, compared to uninspired people, inspired employees have higher levels of:

• Self-Confidence
• Self-Esteem
• Optimism
• Engagement
• Creativity
• Mastery on the Job

These are 6 traits that we can all agree that we want our employees to have. Inspirational leadership can lead to…

Increased confidence and self-esteem = Production of new ideas and innovative ways of thinking about things in the organization.

More optimism = Better problem solving and troubleshooting issues that will inevitably come.

Greater engagement = Overall positive for the organization. More engagement only increases productivity and creates better results.

More creativity =  Huge value for your team when current processes need a change.

Ultimately leading to mastery on the job! 

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Being an inspirational leader doesn’t just benefit you in many ways, but it can change the way your team works and maybe even the landscape of your organization!

Just imagine an entire organization working towards inspiring the teams underneath them. More team members being inspired leads to innovative ideas, more engagement, and greater results.

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