7 Ways to Inspire Your Employees

As you lead or manage a team or organization, there is a lot on your shoulders. You want to see success, increased performance and greater results. Along the way, it can be easy to lose sight of what really matters — people. So, how do you inspire your employees and stay on track?
Inspiring people is something that sounds really great in theory but can be much more difficult in practice. The main reason why is sometimes as simple as not knowing what to do or how to go about it.
That’s why we’ve developed a list of 7 ways to inspire your employees. We hope it helps you along the way of your inspirational leader journey!
Be Authentic
There’s nothing worse than feeling like someone isn’t being transparent and real with you. Your employees are no different. They want you to be your authentic self and share with them who you really are. This will, in turn, help them to become more authentic and will lead to a more collaborative and successful work environment.
Connect with Others’ Dreams
Chat with team members and find out what they want out of their career. Instead of labeling them or assuming you know what they’re shooting for, ask what their dreams are and what they want in the future. This will help give you specific ways to encourage them and pour into their development.
See in Others the Abilities They Don’t See in Themselves
This ties directly into connecting with their dreams. Once you’ve had a conversation with them about what they want for the future, this will give you an inside look into how they see themselves as well. Maybe they are aiming too low – you now have the opportunity to inspire them to greater things than they realized they could do.
Speak with Credibility
There’s nothing wrong with personal opinions and sharing those, but speak with knowledge that you have taken the time to research, read through and truly understand. This will inspire your employees to become more credible and do further research into your industry as well.
Tell Great Stories – Yours’ and Others’
Storytelling never gets old and everyone loves a good one! This is a time and place where you can be authentic and share from your previous experience, things you learned, or something you gathered from another person’s story.
Help People Achieve their Goals
Although you should always be wanting to grow, as a leader, it also your responsibility to help your team grow and reach their own goals. Set up one-on-one time with different team employees and go over a regular strategy that will help them achieve those goals!
Create a Better Culture
By inspiring the people around you, you will automatically create a better culture. Think about the kind of environment you want your people to come into every day and take every step possible to make sure they can experience that day in and day out.
Inspiring your team isn’t complicated, but it does require diligence and care. The steps to take are right there, they just have to become habits that you live out daily. For more tips on inspiring the people around you, check out our free eGuide.
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