What Do Inspirational Leaders Look Like?

Most everyone agrees that inspirational leaders are the best kind of leaders. Their teams are more engaged in the organization, their work becomes more productive and the company grows stronger. Sounds awesome right? But, being an inspirational leader is easier said than done.

One of the main challenges is simply not knowing what next steps to take. What does an inspirational leader look like? What actions do inspirational leaders take? And most importantly: How can I get myself there? Here are a few traits you should think through and consider as you work towards being an inspirational leader.

Inspirational leaders…

Share their strategic vision: The purpose behind your plan matters a lot and being as transparent as possible with your team will make them feel valued and a part of the decision making process. This ultimately leads to greater buy-in and an inspired team.

Empower employees at all levels: Don’t just pay attention to high-level team members. Everyone needs inspiration and many times lower-level team members need more encouragement than anyone else. Make sure to make them feel valued.

Gather and share internal knowledge: Once again, staying as transparent as possible and bringing other team members into the conversation will inspire them to want to be a part of whatever you’re trying to implement next!

Integrate external knowledge: Listen to feedback from outside sources and when new information is brought to you by team members, listen and care about what they have to say.

Challenge the status quo: Ask yourself this question constantly, “What could we be doing better?” Thinking through this on a consistent basis will help you continue pushing boundaries and making changes for the better.

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