People Matter Most | Diversity and Inclusion in Learning

Why does learning really matter? What can training really do for my organization? These are understandable questions that we’d love to answer. Where does it all begin though? People matter most. All people matter and diversity and inclusion in learning are non-negotiables for your organization.

“I’m really realizing that while people are the most valuable asset of any organization, oftentimes they’re not treated that way.” – Vince Brown

That’s something we want to see changed! So, how can you make your people feel like they matter most? Here are a few places to start:

Celebrate big and small victories: Giving recognition to your people – in the big and small – can go a long way in making them feel valued.

Give one-on-one attention to team members: Few things go farther than to look someone in the eye and say thank you.

Present a small gift to the leaders of the learning board: Encourage learning and engagement with small rewards for being a part of learning exercises or modules.

The second piece is ensuring that all people feel like they matter and that diversity and inclusion are a mainstay in the organization’s culture as well. How can you promote this among your team?

Actually, talk about diversity and inclusion: Discuss with your team what it looks like to be inclusive. Talk about culture and the type of culture that you want your organization to have and promote.

Don’t just talk, put it into practice: You can’t just talk about diversity and inclusion, there have to be ways to put it into practice to continue a behavioral change.

Leverage eLearning: Workshops and lectures can be quite helpful, but paring them with eLearning, gamification and even social learning can make talking about diversity and inclusion far more effective.

For more ideas on training happy, diverse and inclusive team members, check out our latest eGuide!


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