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Gamification, Gamifiation, Gamification… We’re all talking about it right? There are few topics more popular than this in the learning space. But here’s the thing: It’s for good reason! Gamification can actually change your training, create happier employees and increase results! Why? Because well trained employees are happy employees! Take that a step further and make the training enjoyable…? You’ve got a grand slam on your hands!

So, how can you get the most out of gamification? Here’s a few ideas!

Keep the rules simple: Don’t create anything too complicated or employees are likely to check out and not engage.

Award points based on skills mastery, not progress through the game: You want your team working through the entire game, but completion isn’t the point – mastery is!

Rely on good instructional design: Keep things as user-friendly as possible and you’ll see greater buy-in and engagement.

Use leaderboards to improvement over time and personal bests: Giving recognition to participants can go a long way in keeping them engaged.

Align the game with learners’ actual jobs: Keep it practical and helpful for their every day work.

Help learners learn from failures as well as successes: Success is great, but we most often learn from failure. Make sure to help them through both of these.

For more on how to utilize gamification to keep your employees engaged and happy, check out our latest eGuide! 

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