Forced Mastery | A Non-Negotiable in Your Learning Tech

The idea of forced mastery has been an important part of learning and development, but we believe it should be a non-negotiable in your learning technology platform as well.

Digital content and personalized learning strategies make it easy to know when learners don’t grasp a concept. The best learning methods adapt to the learner, letting them quickly pass through concepts they’ve already mastered while making them spend more time on concepts that challenge. So what does “forced mastery”  really entail?

First, it doesn’t mean just rereading the same material over and over again. There are a few steps that are involved in forced mastery:

To master key concepts, learners should:

  • Not just learn, but write about and practice the ideas that are most important to absorb.
  • Post their thoughts so others in the class or workshop can respond as well.
  • Receive feedback from subject-matter experts.
  • Work with coaches, to fill in any gaps.

This is what the learner should do – but as a manager or L&D pro what should you do to make sure learners have these opportunities? You must facilitate an environment where is not only encouraged, but purposefully made to happen. That means having the right learning tech and platform in place to make sure these things are possible.

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