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The training and L&D world has been buzzing the past couple of years about modern learning approaches, particularly for the Millennial generation. We’ve even explored and written about this topic before. Training for this generation is critical for many reasons, but in the shuffle, have we forgotten about other generations in the workforce as well? Multi-Generational Training must be a priority. 

While it may seem like your organization is doing a great job in appealing to your entire staff demographic, we also know that it can be tough to reach everyone. That’s part of why we love micro and a modern learning model – it truly works for multi-generations, personas, and people.

So, what specific strategies should you implement in your training program that will appeal to multiple generations? Asha Pandey at eLearning Industry complied this list:

Interesting and new formats
Learning on the go
Personalized learning
Flexibility to pull learning nuggets by choice rather than be pushed by mandated trainings
Just-in-time learning
Room for collaboration and social learning
Self-directed learning

What are some other strategies to take into consideration when appealing to multiple generations? Here’s a few thoughts from Training Industry:

  1. Leverage familiar, modern learning tech.
  2. Ditch long training sessions.
  3. Take advantage of personalized learning.

Bottom line: Deliver learning in small chunks, leverage easy to use technology everyone can get behind, personalize learning for individual personas, and allow for flexibility in the training and learning program.

With this approach, you’ll appeal to your entire team, instead of just one group and create greater buy-in and ultimately increased performance.

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