Increasing Completion Rates in Your Training Program

We all want to see our training programs succeed. But, how should that be measured? Many times, the success of a training program cannot be calculated with metrics, but with feedback from your team and over time, seeing improved performance. However, there is one metric that’s a good place to start: Completion rates.

Now, just because a team member completes training, doesn’t mean that it automatically changes everything about your company. But, it certainly sets them up to head in the right direction. So, if completion rates are an important metric to track, what percent is considered a “success.” We believe seeing 90% or higher in completion rates shows two things about the training program:

  • It engaged learners. 
  • It actually benefited a learner in their own work. 

If you’re not seeing 90% or greater in completion rates for your training program, you may have some missing components. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when thinking about your current learning program:

  • Is the content in our current training program relevant to the job and to our culture?
  • Is it concise? Employees are busy and can’t spend tons of time in a training program consistently. 
  • Do we have the ability to launch a pilot project, to fine-tune content? We need to ensure we have the most necessary content included and cut out everything else. 
  • Are the supervisors of these learners being engaged both before and after training?

As you work through these questions and their answers, you may find some specific areas of weakness that your current training program has and ways you can improve it. For more tips on getting higher completion rates and buy-in for your training program, download our free eGuide. 

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