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We’ve been discussing the ever changing work landscape that Millennials are now creating. This generation is the future of our workforce and they are shaping modern learning practices. When it comes to knowing how to handle employee engagement’s future, it can be tough. How do we relate to a generation that thinks differently, works differently, and learns in a completely new way?

As we were doing our own research into working with Millennials, we ran across this article on Training Magazine’s site. Casey Kraus offers some great insights into the work world of Millennials and how you can navigate it. Below, we’re discussing two of our favorite thoughts of his:

  1. Offer Flexibility: With a new generation comes a new way of thinking and one of the main things that differs about Millennials is their work environment and hours. A 9-5 existence is no longer appealing and many want the flexibility to work hours that are different, but create a more productive experience for them. Offering flexibility and a greater work-life balance will create buy-in with these employees and keep hold of some great team members for the long haul.
  2. Be a Coach Instead of a Manager: Lead to inspire, instead of demanding results. Ultimately, this will result in happier employees, more engagement, and greater productivity.

Navigating the ever-changing employee landscape is a challenge, but one that you can handle with the right tactics. This will ultimately set your business up for success now and even more importantly, in the future.

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