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You have a great project in the works and you really believe that it could help take your organization or company to a new place of growth and productivity. You want to develop high potential team members, create more innovative and interesting forms of training, and actually see productivity grow as a result of this training. But, convincing your boss, your boss’s boss and so on can be tough. Winning over senior level executives isn’t the easiest thing when it comes to new modern learning training or leadership development programs, but it can certainly be done. And if you play your cards right – you could help transform your organization.

So, what’s the first step in convincing them to buy into your new training program? Focus on leadership development first.

Top-down change is very powerful. We all know this and that’s why leadership development is almost always the last item to be cut from an L&D budget. However, there’s something missing here.

Senior leaders know they are the face of the company and are integral to the culture of the organization.  They also know they won’t be in those positions forever and need to groom the next generation of leaders to rise up. The money is many times there for leadership development and yet new and emerging leaders are missing. Where’s the gap?

The proper leadership development training just isn’t in place. And we’re guessing if you’re reading this, you’d like to change that along with your modern learning training. So, how do you win over senior executives and convince them a change and possibly a increase in the budget is needed? Show them a rubric of what grooming high potentials actually looks like in the context of your new training program.

Here’s some ideas to get you started…

To groom high potentials:

  • Expose them to peers throughout the enterprise for networking and idea generation.
  • Coach them through contacts with more experiences leaders who may become mentors or coaches.
  • Make them accountable for their own learning goals.
  • Support continuous learning. Help them access materials independently as well as in formal classes.
  • Give them permission to try and fail. Nothing great was ever accomplished without failure.

Don’t just convince your boss that you need a new program or an increase to your budget. Give them tangible ideas of what they can expect to see and how you actually plan to groom these high potentials with some of these steps above. Go a step further and paint a picture of what grooming those high potentials could actually do for your organization in the future as well.

This is just one of 7 different budget approval strategies for your modern learning program. To learn about the others, click here. 

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