The Right Promise Can Ensure Adequate Funding | Modern Learning Budget Strategies

You’re an L&D pro, a leadership manager, or head of training in your organization. You’ve been able to make great strides in your company, but you really want to do more and help bring further change for the team you lead. At the end of the day, all of this requires money which can sometimes be difficult to get from executive leadership. However, the right promise can ensure adequate funding for your modern learning budget.

So, what’s the secret…? Promise to drive REAL behavioral change. To ensure your executive leadership of what they can expect, here’s some things that L&D must do:

  • Upskill leaders >> Your team should walk away with tangible, greater skills than they had before. Your training should also raise up new leaders.
  • Use realistic training scenarios >> This should be done in a number of different ways to keep learning interesting. 
  • Increase self-learning options >> Allow your team to take learning into their own hands. 
  • Measure metrics that matter >>  The Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), for example, is great for measuring interoperability and plug-n-play functionality, but really doesn’t tell you whether the information is valuable to participants. You need to prove the value of the training for the actual participants.

This is just one of 7 different budget approval strategies for your modern learning program. To learn about the others, click here. 

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