Millennials and Modern Learning

The millennial generation has gotten a lot of heat and scrutiny over the past few years in our culture. A lot of this comes from a misunderstanding of this rising generation and the differences they have from the ever growing technological landscape. The reality is though, they are the future of our organizations, companies, and business. The relationship between millennials and modern learning is extremely important.

We were inspired to write this when we came across this article from eLearning Industry. 

eLearning started with distance education, which has its roots in post-based programs of the 19th century, but even after the invention of the internet, not many students boasted the technological savvy to feel confident and comfortable commuting to classes online. It was not until a big, new generation—one that crossed the boundaries of a particular millennium—that eLearning went from disreputable and disadvantageous to an outstanding educational opportunity. Millennials were the first major users of online education programs, and they continue to shape eLearning even today.

Millennials aren’t just using modern learning practices – they are shaping them. What does this mean for you as a manager or L&D pro?

  • Millennials are creating the trends in modern learning because of their understanding and investment in technology. This is where can you can tap into their abilities. Don’t disregard them because of their age or inexperience. See what you can learn from them and collaborate with them to create new and improved learning methods.
  • Create spaces for millennials to voice their ideas, thoughts, and proposals for better learning and training initiatives. Maybe a mini conference once a quarter, a town hall style meeting periodically, or an inspiration board for them to add ideas to.

These are just a few ways to forge better relationships and use the millennials you have on your team to create even better modern learning practices.

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