Different Learning Styles and Why Blended Learning Benefits All of Them

There are a lot of different learning styles out there. Everyone is different so it makes sense that their learning styles would be as well. It can be hard to develop a learning style that matches each one – that’s why blended learning is so beneficial.

Let’s explore different learning styles first….

There are three basic types of learners:

  • Auditory learners. They need to discuss the information. That’s why it’s important to have time to ask questions and discuss the answers in the context of multiple situations.
  • Visual learners. They learn best when materials include charts, graphs and videos to illustrate the points. 
  • Kinesthetic learners. They need a hands-on approach to help them retain information.

Blending these approaches stimulates different part of the brain, helping learners retain more information. Add the opportunity to talk with colleagues about these lessons and to be coached by experienced staff, and the learnings are more likely to be internalized. Much of learning, like business, is social.

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