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When you look at an organization with engaged employees, high performing teams, and inspirational leaders, do you feel a little green with jealousy? Ever think “I wish that could be my organization” or ” I wish I could be that kind of leader.” Good news! You can. So, where should you start? We think it’s best to start with the foundation of leading a great team and it’s wrapped up in this idea: Inspiration leads to a high performing team.

First, let’s look at the problem with leadership in the corporate world today.

Only 39 percent of corporate boards groom successors to their CEOs, leaving them scrambling if the position is vacated suddenly. The problem is worse among senior executives. Only 15 percent of corporations say they have enough qualified successors to fill leadership positions. Leadership development programs try to fill those gaps, but many take a cookie-cutter approach that compromises effectiveness.

From this data alone, I think we can agree we have a leadership development issue in corporate culture. But, it’s not just a problem in developing leaders to take over one day, we also need to focus on the problem of developing leaders for the right now. Why? Consider this…

What if leadership development could change your bottom line, right now?

What if inspiring your team led to better and higher performance than ever before?

What is inspiration could lead to greater buy-in and trust within your organization?

These things are all possible when leaders are developed the right way and it all starts with inspiring those underneath you. For a step-by-step look at this, check out our resource below, Lead to Inspire. 



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