Why Is a Learning Culture Important? | Lifelong Learning

You know how important a great culture is to the mission, performance, and ultimately bottom line of your organization. But, did you know that a learning culture is equally as important as the other aspects of your company culture?

So, why is this? If you build a learning culture, what will that really do for you and your team?

A learning culture promotes lifelong learning for your team.

What benefits come from lifelong learning?

65% of individuals who are are engaged in lifelong learning report that their learning in the past 12 months expanded their professional network. On top of that, 47% say their extra training helped them advance within their current company. So, what does this mean?

Continuous learning creates a thriving organization: When continuous learning is promoted, employees are more engaged and  focused on better performance for the organization. When learning is emphasized, they will have more incentive to embrace it. Because: Better Learning – Better Performance – Increased Results. And those results just might be a promotion in the organization. When there is a reward down the line, learning can help the organization thrive!

Team members who explore new ideas help your organization grow: Members of your time who take the time to self-teach and learn will take those practices and apply them to their work in your organization. When you have a team full of self-teachers, excited learners, and idea explorers, your organization will grow more than you thought possible.

So, now what? Learning cultures are not built overnight and it can be tough to know where to start. We’ve created a free resource on how to build a learning culture to get you started. You can download it here.


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