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So, you’ve got a brand new initiative that you want to start in your organization — that’s awesome! When you begin to brainstorm these ideas and thoughts around a new procedure, or an improvement to an existing product, you begin to form a plan. In order to form that plan, you probably started consulting members of your team, right? But, did you forget to consult one of the most important members of your team? Your L&D pro. While it may not seem like you need to consult your head of training or learning and development at the early stages of a new movement, we think it could actually create greater success than you could have imagined. Why? Because: Big initiatives require great training.

We recently ran across an article from Training Magazine and we couldn’t have said this better ourselves:

L&D needs to be immersed in the organization’s strategic and operating priorities, so it can provide practical, meaningful programs that support and drive change.

It’s easy to put together a new plan, initiative or change of procedure for your organization, only to bring in your L&D pro at the very end of the process to then try and find a good way to train the team around this. But, what if you started integrating your L&D pro into more business strategy, more conversations around the direction of the company, and overall philosophy? This could be a game changer for your organization. Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. When L&D is brought in from the start, they can begin to form better training strategies and procedures to implement your new initiatives seamlessly.
  2. You’ll have better buy-in from your ENTIRE team resulting in an organization that is on the same page, pushing towards the same goal.
  3. Your L&D pro can act as a voice to advocate for certain measures to be taken as new ideas and plans are formed so that when it comes time to train, you team isn’t overwhelmed by all of the newness.

As you begin your next big initiative, consider bringing in L&D early – it could make all the difference!


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