The Secret to Engagement

As a leader in your organization, have you ever wondered what the secret to engagement really is? How do you go from simply presenting content to transforming your organization’s practices and culture? It’s the allusive thing we’re all striving for — engaging our team and ultimately seeing results. It’s something I struggled with for years. Even with great content, I was constantly frustrated in trying to find the right format to actually help my team engage and also, to see the needed changes on the other side.

After a lot of trial and error, I came to the conclusion that regardless of the content, there had to be a method that guaranteed greater engagement, improved performance and maybe most importantly, actual results! What I found was a learning journey — a simple 3 step process that truly improved engagement and delivered results.

First, we start with LEARN. Now, there has to be a bit of a mindset shift here before you begin. Don’t think of learning as an event anymore, but an actual journey. What does this look like practically? A little bit of content over a longer period of time. We don’t want to overwhelm a learner with hours of workshops and tons of content, only for them to walk out, not retaining any of it. It simply won’t get you the results you’re looking for. However, steady chunks of content being delivered in different ways over a long period of time will achieve what you’re ultimately looking for.

Next, DO. For the content that a learner has just absorbed to pay off, they need to actually be able to use it practically. This could be forming groups and collaborating with others. Maybe a practical activity inside the work context. Most importantly, they need to be able to act on what they have absorbed so far.

Lastly, INSPIRE. Always begin with the end in mind. What does the learner want to achieve after this process? What do they want to get better at or learn more about? Align your content with the aspirations of your team. This last step is what leads to changed behaviors and increased performance.

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