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One of the main industries we work with in creating quality learning and training is healthcare. A major pain point for many of our clients in this industry is patient compliance. There is a gap between patients truly understanding their condition and treatment and how to actually care for themselves long term. But, proper education and training before they leave formal medical care can ensure patient compliance and better care long term.

We believe fully in the idea that patient compliance and education are directly linked to better care and overall health. But, don’t just take our word for it! A study done by the American Journal of Medicine, found that: “Patient education has been demonstrated to significantly improve compliance with medication across a broad range of conditions and disease severities.”

In a study that was completed, patients who received educational materials, a referral and a consultation with a physician about their condition, were 67% compliant with treatment after 6 months.

We believe that modern learning and training not only has the power to overcome big obstacles in an organization, but actually has the power to see more people living healthy lives and overcoming their illness or disease.

You may be thinking as a healthcare professional, that it all sounds great in theory, but educating that many patients with this level of detail is a huge challenge. We get it! Many members of our team worked in the healthcare industry for years, so we understand the difficulty of patient compliance. A sustainable and easy platform is necessary to help this many people, which is a big reason why we started Jubi!

If you want to explore more and better ways to deliver education to your patients and make your patient compliance percentage sky-rocket, schedule a time to chat with us! 

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