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When an established team gets a new leader, the general consensus is that this could potentially ruin the dynamics and flow of that team. Processes have been worked on and perfected, personalties have been jiving for a while and everything is running like a well oiled machine. So, what happens when a new leader comes on the scene? Is it possible to have new leadership and successful teams from the start? We think so!

We were inspired to chat about this Industry Insight from some of Paul E. Fein’s thoughts over on Training Magazine. He offers a lot of great thoughts on how a new leader can continue to build on the success of the former and we’ll be discussing our two favorites below. Whether you’re a new leader about to start heading up an existing team or a team member who is about to get a new boss, these might be some helpful things to think about!

  1. LISTEN — Listening is the foundation of all great relationships, both personal and professional. If you want to find success both for your team and as a leader, the first step starts with listening. See what worked in the past, see what hasn’t. Even though you’re in charge, learn and absorb all you can from the team that is already in place.
  2. EVALUATE — After the first few weeks on the job, you’ll have listened a lot, observed behaviors, and maybe even see things you want to change. Take time and effort to truly evaluate where you want to take the team, the best ways to do this for everyone involved, and action steps to move forward.

The key in all of this as a new leader and as a member of a team in transition is patience. Patience for changes that need to be made and flexibility to allow things to progress and move forward.

With these principals in mind, the transition will be smooth for everyone involved.


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