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As executives, managers, and other types of leaders, we have to guard against a micromanager style of leadership. No one intends to become a micromanager, but it can quickly happen when perfection becomes more important than excellence. At the end of the day, it must be excellence over perfection.

We were inspired to write on this topic from a recent ATD article and this quote in particular:

There is a difference between excellence and perfection. Excel-lence allows you to excel, while still giving you the freedom to grow, develop, and enjoy the process. Perfection is an unattainable goal that takes the joy out of the talents we have been given, the skills we have learned, and the jobs we have acquired. — Rianne Rome

When your team is given the room to make mistakes, grow and develop, not only will you have a more satisfied team, but ultimately a better performing and producing team. This is the game changing factor to growth and productivity in your organization! Excellence over perfection is the key!

Knowing how to develop this kind of culture can be difficult though. It’s a complex concept to work through, but we want to help make it easy for you. That’s why our co-founder, Terry Barber, wrote his book, Kulture Klash. You can get it for free right here! 


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