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We’re always on the hunt for better ways to deliver learning and help develop talent in different organizations. You’ve heard us talk about micro-learning, mobile learning, and gamification to name a few. But, could a new trend in developing leaders through social media be another great avenue for pushing your team forward as well?

We came across this article from Training Magazine this week and it really peaked our interest and got us to thinking: What would it look like to develop leaders through social media? Is that beneficial? What does that look like? Margery Weinstein had some great thoughts in her article. Some of our favorites include:

  • Building relationships
  • Creating and promoting your brand
  • Better communication with millennials

Social media is an extremely powerful tool and in the hands of your employees and team, it can do amazing things for your organization. On the flip side, it also empowers your team to take ownership of advertising and gives them buy-in for the success of your organization.

A framework to work within as well as brand guidelines are essential when presenting this to your team, but keep things simple and concise and you may just see some incredible results for your organization as well as more empowered leaders.

You can check out more info on this topic from Training Magazine here.

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