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You’ve heard us talk about learning in real life before. To us, learning isn’t really worth it if it’s not meeting people right where they are, because ultimately, that’s what makes it sustainable. That’s what learning in real life is all about. One of the biggest issues that comes with trying to balance this, is helping your team find the time. JD Dillon at Learning Solutions magazine said this:

How much time and effort do you spend chasing people down to complete training? How many “heated conversations” have you had with managers when trying to pull their people from the operation for a class? How many times have you resorted to scheduling people to come into a classroom in groups to complete eLearning?

Ever felt like this? It’s extremely frustrating, but there are things that we can do to work around time constraints of our teams.

How? Here’s a few ideas:

  • On-the-go learning: Mobile Learning is changing everything. Making the training and learning you want to offer available on any mobile device will go a long way in increased participation.
  • Learn and know your team: There’s so many means and medias of delivering your training, but knowing your team and what helps them the most is crucial. Ask for and listen to feedback.
  • The actual timing: One thing we loved that JD Dillion also said is to design and plan for learning that lasts in minutes. Attention spans are short, so make sure your content can be absorbed quickly and keep your team engaged.

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