Choosing the Right Content = Digital Learning Success | Industry Insight

Even the most skilled digital learner can have a hard time choosing the right content to focus on. So, how do we go about helping our team focus on the right content and create digital learning success? Pamela Hogle puts it like this:

Curated content can boost the effectiveness of digital learners by guiding them to high-quality resources. After all, even the most skilled self-directed learners are unlikely to find only the best content to help them meet the company’s goals and priorities. Follow these suggestions to curate content for digital learners that is relevant and effective.

Hogle gives some great ideas on choosing the right content for optimal learning for your team, like working towards specific goals, know what to automate, and work to understand the digital learner’s mindset.

To learn more about choosing the right content, check out this article from Learning Solutions, and one from our library right here!

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