Create Sustainable Change – Your Mission Could Be at Stake

Sustainable change. If we asked you, as a leader, manager or trainer, if you wanted to see sustainable change, we’re sure your answer would be a resounding yes. That’s what we all want to see right? Why would we pour so much time, money, and attention into training and learning programs if we didn’t?

The problem isn’t the will or drive to want to see change, it’s not having the right plan in place to make it happen. Or maybe it’s a misunderstanding of how to actually create sustainable change.

For years I have watched teams engage in events and content without a noticeable change in behavior. That is why I integrated a path and platform that uses the real drivers of behavior change to achieve sustained performance.

Larry Mohl | Co-Founder & CEO of Jubi

One of the main reasons we started Jubi, was because of our own frustrations with the way learning and training was done. Both of our co-founders, Larry and Terry, were and are professional trainers or wanted to see more than just a great learning event. There’s nothing wrong with a learning event, workshop or seminar, they simply just don’t create sustainable change.

Maybe you’ve dealt with or are experiencing this same issue right now. You work so hard and pour so much time into creating an amazing workshop, classroom experience, or maybe even on online seminar to help you team be better and more efficient. You see change for a couple of weeks and then everyone is back to bad habits or ineffective work practices.

At this point, you’ve probably want to hit your head against the wall. We get it. There’s got to be a better way and fortunately there is. Blended learning.

You probably already know a lot about blended learning, so we won’t bore you with more of what you already know, but here’s one thing we’d love for you to consider:

What if the mission of your organization depends on creating sustainable change?

Honestly, it’s not a question of if, but when. When does the lack of sustainable change begin to hurt your team, your organization and ultimately your stake holders? How long can you go with workshops that don’t last and learning that gets forgotten just as quickly?

Sustainable change isn’t just about better practices and more efficiency; it’s about your mission and your organization’s future.

If you’d like to talk more about you can create sustainable change in your organization, schedule a time to chat with us! 

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