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A few weeks ago we talked all about the latest trend in L&D – personal learning! This is an awesome concept and we love this new trend in the industry. However, with any trend, there are some things to consider.

In any industry, new trends and concepts can overtake everything that you read and see. When considering a new concept, it’s important to remember the core value of it and why it’s such a great trend to begin with. This will help you know how to use it in the best possible way.

JD Dillon had some great thoughts over on Learning Solutions Magazine this when it comes to personal learning.

  • Remember why you want to make learning personal and make sure it provides value to the learner. 
  • Use personal learning to build trust with your team. 
  • Create an environment where your team takes learning into their own hands. 

L&D trends are great and should be valued, but make sure to consider their value and importance for your organization and the best way to carry them out for your team. We think personal learning is definitely one to think about!

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