5 Essentials for Your Learning Program | Industry Insight

As a learning and training professional, you want to create great learning experiences for your team. You want learning to be engaging, useful, and fun! So, what are the essentials to making this happen in your organization’s learning program?

Balancing an engaging and fun program can be tough, but there are a few essentials to creating the right one for your organization.

We recently came across a great list of 5 essentials for your learning program, over at Learning Solutions Magazine, and we love every one of them!

1. Challenges learners to higher-level learning.

2. Uses active forms of learning.

3. Gives frequent and immediate feedback to students on the quality of their learning.

4. Uses a structured sequence of different learning activities.

5. Has a fair system for assessing learning.

Learn more about creating the right learning program for your organization, right here. 

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