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Change adoption is not a simple task. When “the way it’s always been done” is no longer good enough, making those changes is hard.

We can all agree that transforming the workplace isn’t easy. People dislike change, so convincing them to adopt new behaviors and methods is challenging. But, if you want to maximize the value of any transformation, everyone has to be on board. Achieving this level of change takes more than just a training class.

For widespread change adoption to happen, employees throughout the organizations need to understand the changes they’re being asked to make. They need to know how those changes affect them and their daily tasks in concrete terms. This will make your team far more willing and able to adopt the changes that are necessary, and then have the incentive to practice those changes so they become personally meaningful. A comprehensive program supporting those changes helps employees make the transition effectively.

Actually creating that program can be tough though. What types of things need to be included to make sure your team can adopt changes? What is most important to communicate? How do we deliver this content in a clear and interesting way?

We’d love to help you figure out these questions and more. Schedule a time to talk with us about this today!

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