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Developing a learning and training program is a difficult task to begin with. Trying to make it fit many different learning styles is an even greater challenge. However, we believe it’s a challenge worth overcoming.

We all have different learning styles. Some of us are visual. We love to see things on paper, on a screen or on a board. Others are auditory learners. You like to hear lectures, talks, or maybe listen to podcasts. These are just a couple of examples and there are many others out there.

Since there are many different types of learners, we have to work hard to balance these and find a way to appeal to each style with our training. But, what if there’s a specific way that training needs to be delivered that won’t appeal to some of your team and the way they like to learn?

“Always remember that a trainer’s preferred method/strategy used for training might not be the learner’s preferred method for learning concepts. This will help you focus on designing differentiated training programs that give all learners an equal opportunity to learn.” — Lynnette Clement

Every piece of training doesn’t have to apply to every learner, but we should be intentional in making sure there are different types of training in place that appeal to different styles of learning.

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