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As leaders and executives, most of us would agree that corporate culture is important. It is something we should be very aware of and tapped into, for our own companies and those around us as well. But, what does it mean when our teams do not see a significant tie between the brand we put out into the world and the actual culture of the workplace?

Corporate culture is viewed by many workplace experts as vitally important to employees. But in a recent study by global communications and engagement company Weber Shandwick, only 19 percent of employees see a strong match between how the company represents itself and the actions they experience while working there. — Alexis Carpello

There is a gap here, that we need to work hard to fill. If the culture from within isn’t matching the brand you want to show on the outside, the breakdown over time could be quite significant.

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If you want additional resources on corporate culture, check out our co-founder, Terry Barber’s latest book, Kulture Klash. 

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