Industry Insight | Personal Learning is Here

When it comes to the needs of the individual learner, the path isn’t the same for everyone. Learning should be personal and customized to work with the individual instead of an entire group. Why is personal learning a big deal?

Everyone not only learns differently, but needs to focus on something different because of their role in the organization. Jeff Batt at Learning Solutions Magazine recently said:

“In eLearning, we tend to make one-size-fits-all courses. We don’t tailor the content to give individual learners options to explore topics they are unfamiliar with, and to advance if they already know a topic. We need to get past this one-size-fits-all eLearning and look at ways to create tailored digital experiences for our learners. We need to focus on personalized learning.”

If you want to learn more about personalized learning and how you can implement it with your team, check out Batt’s latest article at Learning Solutions Magazine.

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