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Are you constantly hiring new employees? Do you feel like your employee on-boarding process for both new and existing team members could be better? Many business executives and managers feel this same way.

Employee on-boarding is one of the most crucial and necessary pieces to a great organization, but it’s also one of the most difficult processes to perfect. Why is this?

New employee on-boarding can take one to two years to become fully productive – Training Industry Quarterly.

The employee on-boarding process is so crucial because of its benefits, but also because of the length of time it truly takes for a new team member to be fully ready and engaged for the job ahead.

The problem with this, is you want a new team member to become fully engaged, much sooner than a year or two down the road. But, the question is, is that even possible? We think so!

Training that blends learning with doing speeds the on-boarding process so they can contribute sooner and more fully. A formal, organized training program for new hires helps them quickly gain the knowledge, tools, and contacts they need to become productive as soon as possible.

If you want to see how Jubi can help you with your employee on-boarding process, then schedule a live demo with us!

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