Industry Insight | Team Loyalty

In last week’s #IndustryInsight, we discussed the Collaborative Approach in team dynamics. We believe this style of leadership and team management is incredibly important in creating buy in from your team and ultimately, seeing great results! But what else can this type of approach lead to? Team loyalty!

Over time, this approach doesn’t just lead to great results, but something that is just as valuable – team loyalty.

Paul McDonald said this about team loyalty in a recent article:

Lavish perks and trendy benefits are nice, but employees seek something much more basic from their bosses: sustained respect and honesty.

Just like we discussed in the Collaborative Approach – building mutual respect, understanding and truly listening to your team, creates a dynamic that can transform your organization’s results.

Why? When a team member feels respected and heard, not only does your team’s morale rise, but so do your results!

For more on how to create team loyalty in your organization, check out this article at Workforce.






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