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Most would agree that leadership development is a cornerstone of any great business. However, studies how that only 39% of corporate boards groom successors to their CEOs. Not only is this the case, but only 15 percent of corporations say they have enough qualified successors to fill leadership positions.

Promoting from within is a concept that many like and would love to implement, but from the numbers — only 39% are groomed for even the highest position — it seems that this isn’t happening consistently.

Even if we agree that leadership development is important, if there’s no plan in place, it simply won’t happen.

So, why does this matter to you? As a business owner / leader / manager, why should you be concerned with implementing a leadership development strategy?

We believe that leadership development ultimately leads to everything you want to get out of your business – an excited team, increased performance, and improved results.

Leadership development does that by training up the next generation of leaders in your organization. This creates an important “buy in” factor, that could ultimately help you find your next great CEO!

Here’s something important to remember though: Leadership development can’t be relegated to a one-off program.

Companies are unique and their challenges are not interchangeable. Instead, developing leaders is a continuous journey in which individuals explore real, relevant, thought-provoking challenges. Learning can be reinforced and enhanced by sharing their thoughts and experiences with others who are facing the same challenges. This is where the real buy in and ultimately the real results happen!

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