The Quest for Performance | Making Learning Adoption Happen!

Over the past few installments of our Quest for Performance series, we’ve learned a lot!

  • Employee Development is broken! $165 billion is being spent on training in the US alone, and we’re not seeing the results in our businesses.
  • We busted the performance myths! Content + event does not create lasting performance improvements.
  • The traditional approach only yields a 15% adoption rate. We learned how to activate the middle 70%.

All of this has led us to the most important and fundamental piece of the Quest for Performance! What’s that you might ask? Increased adoption and the plan that can help you get there! Here’s what it looks like:

LEARN – This isn’t just any learning though. It’s a blended and exciting journey through engaging content, games and activities that makes a team want to learn!

DO – This is where the learning becomes active! Social activities in learning happen here as well as healthy competition between team members and validation from you – their leader.

INSPIRE – This is all about engagement. After the team has soaked up the content and completed an activity to help communicate the idea even more, it’s time for encouragement and congratulations.

What does all of this lead to?

PERFORMANCE! Not just performance for the moment, but increasingly better results that actually lead to better results in your organization and that impact your business KPI’s.

If you’re ready to stop pushing content and start seeing results, then modern learning is for you!

Thanks for joining us on our quest for performance! If you have any questions or want to talk with a modern learning expert, schedule a time to talk with us!


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