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If you’re an L&D pro, you may feel like the girl or guy who just “builds the training” at times. But, what if you could shift your team’s perspective to the girl or guy who “helps us do our jobs.” That’s far more powerful! How can this happen? By earning the learner’s trust.

“Over time, my reputation within the company shifted from ‘the guy who builds the training’ to ‘the guy who helps us do our jobs.’ The former was a task-based identity. The latter was a meaningful purpose.” — JD Dillon

In that second situation, you’re seen as a partner in learning. Someone who genuinely wants to help the team grow and function better, instead of just shoving training down everyone throats.

Why is this important? Besides creating a healthy work culture. this creates a productive learning culture, that is seen as way more than just the “required training.”

So, where does this start? TRUST. Read more from JD Dillon on earning a learner’s trust at Learning Solutions Magazine. 

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