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As learning continues to evolve and change, so do the needs of those who are actually learning. We’ve discovered a lot about how learning needs to change: From what kind of content is provided, to how it is provided, to gamification, socialization and the use of technology. Something we fail to discuss at times though, are the needs of the modern learner and the tools they need to be able to succeed in a modern learning setting.

“It’s important for learning organizations to keep up with technology and the needs of today’s learners by enabling learning designers and developers with the skills, processes, tools, and templates necessary to develop effective learning solutions to meet the needs of the modern learner.”

There are a lot of studies that are showing growth in modern learning (you can learn more about this HERE) and that it is truly helping many individuals achieve their highest potential in their career and in their job performance. Even still, there are still trends that lean towards many team members not achieving their highest potential because of the current learning in place.

So, what’s the solution? How do we help modern learners achieve their best on the job and in life? Check out Learning Solutions Magazine for more.

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